Investing Platforms

The Progression Playbook Recommends: Investing platforms

#1 – Vanguard Investor

This is the UK equivalent of the popular Vanguard platform in the US. This is the platform I currently use as of April 2020 and so far I’ve been very impressed. The platform boasts a simple, easy signup process, low on-going fees (0.25% platform fee, funds as cheap as 0.06%), a clean easy to use interface and access to all Vanguard funds in one easy location. The only downsides of this platform are the lack of mobile app and the fact you can only invest in Vanguard products.

Overall, for a passive investing strategy, this is my recommended option for an investing platform, particularly for beginners.

Create your account here.

Read my Vanguard Investor guide here.

#2 – Trading 212

Trading 212 is a brilliant mobile app which allows investors to begin investing in either exchange-traded funds or individual Company stocks within the tax-free ISA wrapper.

Sign up to Trading 212 using my link below and we will both receive a free share worth up to £100. This could be a nice way to kick-start your investing portfolio.

Sign-up here:

The above link is an affiliate links. When you sign-up to Trading 212 using this link, I also receive a free share. I rate the Trading 212 platform highly despite this.

#3 – Charles Stanley Direct

Charles Stanley Direct is the first investment platform I used when I began investing. Whilst it is slightly more expensive than Vanguard with a 0.35% platform fee, it has the option to invest in non-vanguard funds and into individual company shares.

Charles Stanley offers an app that functions well, however, neither the app nor the website are particularly intuitive to use in my opinion.

Create an account here:

#4 – Hargreaves Lansdown

The most expensive of the recommended investing options with a 0.45% platform fee (until you reach a total investment pot of £250,000)

The benefits of this platform are that it has a really well designed website, it’s a hugely reputable company, it provides a wide variety of both funds and shares to invest into and it’s published research is superior to the other 2 options.

Despite this, the extra cost is probably not worth these features until you reach a significant invested balance.

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