The Progression Playbook Recommends: Books

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A Kindle

My first recommendation when it comes to books is to buy yourself a Kindle. I have found that this purchase has led to a dramatic increase in my reading time. Reading on your phone is difficult and reading with physical books takes up a lot of space around the home.

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#1 – ‘The Simple Path to Wealth’ – JL Collins

This is my single favourite book on investing. JL Collins makes a hugely persuasive case for passive, index-fund investing in the stock market and all of the considerations around this. This book is US focussed so for UK readers, not all of it may be applicable but it’s worth reading despite that for the brilliant education on investing it provides. My number 1 book pick in the investing category is this one.

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#2 – ‘The Millionaire Next Door’ – Thomas J Stanley

Goes into depth on the characteristics and traits of millionaires within America. Provides an optimistic outlook insofar as you don’t need to be a professional Footballer or Hedge Fund Manager to become a millionaire but rather you need to follow a set of simple principals consistently. Thoroughly researched and presented with a good mix of statistics, studies and anecdotes.

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#3 – ‘The Chimp Paradox’ – Professor Steve Peters

The Chimp Paradox by Professor Steve Peters is an excellent mind management tool that can help you understand the inner-workings of your brain via the analogy that the emotional centre of your brain (the amygdala) is represented by a chimp whilst the rational part (frontal lobe) is your human. Read my review here.

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#4 – ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ – Robert Kiyosaki

This was the first book in the personal finance genre that I read and it really is a right of passage to other books in the genre. The book is written from the perspective of the author as a younger man comparing his father (poor dad) to his friend’s father (rich dad) and what factors contribute to the differences between the upper and middle/working classes. A little heavy on the real estate investing content for my preference but otherwise a solid book that will show the power of passive income.

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#5 – ‘Why We Sleep’ – Matthew Walker

The single best book I read last year. Whilst not finance-related, this book completely opened my eyes to the power of sleep, including the impact it can have on your career. After reading this, I ensure I give myself an 8.5-hour sleep opportunity every night and I haven’t taken a sick day since.

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#6 – ‘Atomic Habits’ – James Clear

The single best book on habits I have ever read. One of the few books I finished reading for the first time and then immediately started over. This book is packed full of insightful, practical tips on creating, replacing and removing habits. The central idea is that your self-identity is the culmination of all of your habits so to change or improve yourself, you have to first change and improve your recurring habits.

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#7 – ‘Mindset’ – Dr Carol Dweck

About 20 pages into this book, you will have the revelation that you either have a ‘fixed mindset’ or a ‘growth mindset’. The sooner you accept the benefits of a growth mindset and start working towards it, the better.

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#8 – ‘The Compound Effect’ – Darren Hardy

A fascinating introduction to the phenomenon of compound interest and the impact it can have both on your finances and wider life. The section on harnessing the power of momentum was a particular highlight for me.

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#9 – ‘The Almanack of Naval Ravikant’ – Eric Jorgenson

This book is a great compilation of all of the life lessons disbursed by venture capitalist Naval Ravikant (who can be found on Twitter here). This book really is full of wisdom on all of the most important things in life.

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#10 – ‘Tools of Titans’ – Timothy Ferris

I’m a big fan of all of Tim Ferris’ books including ‘The 4-hour workweek’ and ‘The 4-hour body’ but this book is my favourite of the collection. Whilst long, this book contains the collective wisdom of dozens of Tim Ferris’ guests on his podcast. The book contains the tool, tricks and secrets of some of the highest performers in the world.

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