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The Progression Playbook Recommends: Other Resources

#1 – UK Accounting

For all of you with small businesses (online or physical) at some point, you are likely to need assistance with both accountancy and tax. The benefits a competent Accountant can provide to a small business shouldn’t be understated.

My number 1 recommendation is ‘By The Book Accountancy’ – an accountancy company run by a friend of mine, Robin Thatcher.

Click through to the By the Book Accountancy website here and you will get a free consultation where any accounting questions or worries will be answered. (Please note, a new website is in process, I will update the link once live).

Services offered include tax compliance, personal tax returns, bookkeeping, payroll, company set-up, limited company incorporation, year-end statutory accounts production and many more.

Contact Robin directly here: robin.thatcher@bythebookaccountancy.co.uk.

Robin can also be found on Twitter here – where he routinely tweets great accountancy, tax and investing advice.

#2 – Apps and online resources I recommend

Money Saving Expert

Money Saving Expert, founded by Martin Lewis, is a great all-round resource for consumer finance information and discussion. The website is UK focussed and puts public service at the top of it’s agenda. If you are unsure on anything in the personal finance arena, Money Saving Expert is a great starting point.

Link: https://www.moneysavingexpert.com/

Mr Money Mustache blog

This is the blog which really got me interested in the concept of financial independence. The owner, Pete Adeney (also known as Mr Money Mustache) is an early retiree who documents his journey to financial independence and shares his insights and views on all things financial independence online. The app associated with this blog is also great and allows users to read top quality blog posts on the go.

Link: https://www.mrmoneymustache.com/

Koody Community

Koody is a community of people helping each other stay on top of their finances. Whether it’s saving money, investing, sorting out your pensions, paying off your debt, finding a side hustle or even looking for deals and competitions, someone here has been through it and is happy to share their experience! 

The best thing about Koody is that you can get answers to your financial questions from experts who are signified within the community which gives you piece of mind over the information you are receiving that other financial forums may not be able to match.

Link: https://community.koody.co/

Topia – Financial Independence App

Topa is the first UK based app focusing on financial independence. The app helps you track your net worth, saving rate and your journey to financial independence via linking to your investing and banking accounts via open banking technology.

Read my interview with TOPIA CEO Logan Leckie here.

Link: https://topia.life/

Dashlane Password Manager

Dashlane is a premium password management tool which allows users to create and store strong, reliable passwords and remove the doubt and wasted time associated with trying to remember or physically note down dozens of different passwords. This app will make users much more secure online and save time via useful features such as auto-fill whereby your details and passwords are auto-populated on webpages.

Read my review of the Dashlane password manager here.

Link: https://www.dashlane.com/

Things 3 to-do planner

Things 3, developed by Cultured Code, is one of the premium productivity apps on the market. Whilst most people won’t have considered shelling out their hard-earned cash for a productivity app – I can say from personal experience that this app starts paying for itself from the get-go by simplifying your do-list and allowing you to remember and be notified of all tasks you have to complete on any given day.

Read my review of the Things 3 app here.

Link: https://apps.apple.com/gb/app/things-3/id904237743