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The Progression Playbook Recommends: Web Design Tools

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#1 – Project 24 Membership

Whilst creating this website, I signed up to the Project 24 membership site run by Income School. This course is based around the goal of earning you a full-time income on your niche website within 24 months.

The course includes a 60 step course to creating a website or Youtube channel, a podcasting guide, numerous other great mini-courses, a weekly podcast and a discourse community who are always on hand to help with any questions you have.

The course is expensive but if it helps you earn a full-time income even one month faster, it will pay for itself many times over. Plus, you get access to a free WordPress theme and plug-in which would otherwise cost you money, so the programme is well worth the cost.

If this sounds like it’s something you would be interested in – please use my affiliate link to sign-up here: https://incomeschool.com/project24/?ref=216

#2 – Logo Design

‘The Progression Playbook’ logo is designed by Jack Pounce. Jack’s a talented graphic designer who provides clean, professional work including logos, marketing materials and promotional ads.

Find him on Instagram at: @jackpounce11 or here at his website.

#3 – Hosting

Website hosting is one of the largest initial outlays when setting up a site but it’s money well spent if you find a reliable, fast host who offer good customer support.

Bluehost and Siteground are both good options.

#4 – Website building

This website is built using WordPress and so are the majority of the websites on the internet. There are other options out there including SquareSpace and Wix but I didn’t end up considering these after some initial research. I have found building a site with WordPress with the help of numerous Youtube tutorials a lot of fun.

#5 – WordPress themes

Ocean WP, Astra and Neve are good, free themes for new websites.

A premium theme is a sensible investment and Divi is a great choice. Divi has an excellent built-in page builder and attentive customer service.

Project 24’s free theme Acabado is also a great choice which can boast excellent site speed statistics.